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Novi, Michigan

Novi Office (Dr. Schock has office hours every other Tuesday and Friday)


Michigan Institute of Urology

25500 Meadowbrook Road
Suite 225
Novi, MI 48375
Tel: (248) 426-1300


























The Novi office is located within 15 minutes of both Providence Park hospital and Botsford Hospital. Dr. Jeffrey Schock is proud to be a Novi Urologist.


HISTORY of Novi, Michigan

Novi is believed to have been first settled in 1825, 12 years before Michigan became a state. The first Novi Township Hall was constructed in 1876, and rebuilt due to a fire in 1915. The Novi Fire Department was formed in 1929. In 1941, a local man created the Novi Special race car. The Novi Police Department was formed in 1954. Novi became a city in 1969 by citizen vote. However, one subdivision decided to remain a township, and to this day remains Novi Township with a population of about 150. 

The largest building project in the City痴 history was completed in 1977 with the opening of the Twelve Oaks Mall. The Novi Civic Center, seat of the city government, was built in 1987. In 1992 an old warehouse was converted into the Novi Exhibition Center -- the second largest such building in the state. For a detailed, pictorial history of Novi, see the book 
Images of America Novi, by Barbara Louie and Samuel Popkin. 

Source: The Novi Information Network (www.novi.org)


Dr. Schock and Tri-County Urologists, P.C. feel strongly about being part of this growing community. As a Providence Urologist, Dr. Schock has a direct link with the city of novi and supports its many programs.


Many of our patients have voiced their support of our decision to relocate to be their Urologist in Novi and we intend to stay!

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